All you need is love


Did I ever show you guys this rad thing my publisher made for their BEA dinner?? Need to figure out where to put it! (Those lines are from ITA’s prologue!)

The One with the Giveawaypalooza #1: English Language Editions


So! As I mentioned before, I just moved into my new apartment and hauled a ton of books with me… including A LOT of author copies! I think I underestimated exactly how many I had because I kept so many of them in drawers at work (never enough storage for books at home in NYC). Now, I’d like to…


Book Collage based on Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Perhaps a bit too quote heavy? But I personally blame Rainbow Rowell and her amazing writing for that. It was super hard having to leave out so many amazing quotes…

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A Word, A Book Challenge

Day 26: Angels

"Angel Island. Where the dead go to die."


Treesofreverie July Readathon Book 8 (Last book for this month’s readathon :D) Finished!!! 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

*ugly sobbing*